Sunday, August 19, 2007

Use of Federally Funded Research and Development

RL33527 - Technology Transfer: Use of Federally Funded Research and Development
Abstract: The federal government spends approximately one third of its annual research and development budget1 for intramural R&D to meet mission requirements in over 700 government laboratories (including Federally Funded Research and Development Centers). The technology and expertise generated by this endeavor may have application beyond the immediate goals or intent of federally funded R&D. These applications can result from technology transfer, a process by which technology developed in one organization, in one area, or for one purpose is applied in another organization, in another area, or for another purpose. It is a way for the results of the federal R&D enterprise to be used to meet other national needs, including the economic growth that flows from new commercialization in the private sector; the government’s requirements for products and processes to operate effectively and efficiently; and the demand for increased goods and services at the state and local level.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

eXubrio Group Introduces IP Search Engine Software Services

eXubrio Group Introduces SeekIP Intellectual Property Search Engine Software Services to Universities Buffalo, New York, based eXubrio Group LLC introduced new SeekIP Online web-based services for Intellectual Property Transfer Offices' patent and technology databases. This new software allows university Technology Transfer Offices to publish their licensable technologies and patents online and supports enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) activities by technology transfer offices.

Natl TT Center meetings to highlight mining safety technology

As seen on Salt Lake City Tribune...
An online discussion of available or prototype technology that might make the underground mining environment safer will take place from 2-4 p.m. Wednesday at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday at three Web sites - or The sessions are sponsored by Wheeling Jesuit University's National Technology Transfer Center, one of whose leading figures is Davitt McAteer, a longtime advocate of miner safety who served as head of the federal Mine Safety & Health Administration during the Clinton Administration. "It's time to redouble our efforts to bring this technology to underground miners," said an e-mail Wednesday from the center. The session is geared to manufacturers but also is open to the public, it added.