Thursday, August 03, 2006

NEC Concludes First Carbon Nanotube Patent License Agreement in U.S. with SouthWest NanoTech

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NEC Corporation (Nasdaq: NIPNY) announced that it has concluded an agreement with SouthWest NanTechologies, Inc. (SWeNT(TM), note 1), by which it grants SWeNT(TM) a non-exclusive license under basic patents owned by NEC covering the carbon nanotube discovered by Dr. Sumio Iijima, a senior research fellow at NEC, in 1991. SWeNT(TM) manufactures and supplies carbon nanotube materials for a wde variety of aplications worldwide employing its proprietary CoMoCAT(TM) process (note 2) that was invented independently at the University of Oklahoma in the U.S. Anticipating a rapid increase in demand for carbon nanotube materials in a wide variety of fields and applications, SWeNT(TM) has recognized the necessity to acquire a license from NEC under its basic patents in order to expand its business and has signed an agreement with NEC.