Friday, September 30, 2005

Nanodetex Alleges Sandia Natl Labs Withholding Homeland Security Technology

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Nanodetex Alleges Sandia National Laboratories Withholding Life-Saving Homeland Security Technology... "Nanodetex Corporation, an Albuquerque technology company developing a sensor to detect when terrorists carry explosives, chemicals, nerve agents and other deadly toxins into public places has filed a $225 million lawsuit in Federal Court in Santa Fe against Sandia Corporation for withholding important information needed to finish the product and use it to avert potential terrorist attacks."

DSO Signs Technology Transfer with French-based CMP

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DSO Signs Technology Transfer with French-based CMP... "Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the Dubai-based technology park for microelectronics and the semiconductor industry, announced an agreement with Circuits-Multi-Projects (CMP), a French company that serves universities, research laboratories and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) for the manufacturing and packaging of integrated circuits."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shuffle Master, Inc. Provides VendingData Infringement Action Update

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Shuffle Master, Inc. Provides VendingData Infringement Action Update... "Shuffle Master, Inc. (NASDAQ National Market: SHFL) provides the following update of its VendingData Corp. ('VendingData') patent infringement action...."

Cancer researcher sues Arizona State University

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Cancer researcher sues university... "The director of the Cancer Research Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe is suing the school and some of its senior administrators, claiming he was removed as director in retaliation for blowing the whistle on university officials for mishandling licensing contracts and patent applications for anti-cancer drugs."

US Fed Circuit Decision Serves As Warning For TM Owners

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Federal Circuit Decision Serves As Warning For Trademark Owners Who Fail To Control Their Distributors... "The Federal Circuit's recent decision in SKF USA, Inc. v. International Trade Commission, 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 19750 (Fed. Cir. September 14, 2005), illustrates the dangers that lurk for trademark owners who fail to control their distributors adequately."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Axalto and Infineon Announce Cross-Licensing Agreement for Smart Cards

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Axalto and Infineon Announce Cross-Licensing Agreement for Smart Cards with Enhanced Connectivity... "Axalto, a provider of microprocessor cards, and Infineon Technologies (FSE/NYSE: IFX), announced they have entered into a non-exclusive cross-licensing agreement, granting each other license rights regarding some of their respective patents in the field of smart cards with enhanced connectivity."

MOSYS INC. Announces Licensing Agreement With LG Electronics

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MOSYS INC. Announces Licensing Agreement With LG Electronics... "MoSys, Inc. (Nasdaq:MOSY), a provider of high-density system-on-chip (SoC) embedded memory solutions announced the licensing of MoSys' 1T-SRAM(R) high-density embedded memory technology by LG Electronics for high-volume consumer electronic applications."

Citadel Security Software Receives Notice of Patent Allowance

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Citadel Security Software Receives Notice of Patent Allowance for Automated Vulnerability Remediation Technology... "Citadel Security Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CDSS), provider of enterprise vulnerability management and policy enforcement solutions, announced it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for a new patent on its automated vulnerability remediation software solution that is licensed as part of Citadel's Hercules' security software solution. Citadel anticipates the patent to be issued by the end of the year. "

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Denali and LSI Logic Embark on Strategic Memory Interface IP Agreement

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Denali and LSI Logic Embark on Strategic Memory Interface IP Agreement... "Denali Software Inc. announced that LSI Logic will use the Denali Databahn(TM) DDR Controller intellectual property (IP) to support RapidChip(R) Platform ASIC and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technologies. Through the agreement, Denali and LSI Logic will provide a comprehensive roadmap of DDR memory controllers, an interface core used pervasively in system-on-chip (SoC) designs. LSI Logic customers gain access to Denali's Databahn IP solution featuring a highly configurable memory controller logic core. Leveraging LSI Logic's optimized physical interface, Denali's pre-verified controllers for DDR1 and DDR2 memory enables design teams to reduce risk, development time and cost."

Aradigm Signs IP Access Agreement Targeting Smoking Cessation

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Aradigm Signs Intellectual Property Access Agreement Targeting Smoking Cessation... "Aradigm Corporation (Nasdaq: ARDM) announced that it has signed an Intellectual Property Access Agreement with a global pharmaceutical company in the area of smoking cessation. Under the agreement, Aradigm will grant the undisclosed company access to its intellectual property specific to the pulmonary delivery of nicotine using its patented AERx(R) technology. This exclusive agreement facilitates ongoing negotiations and research."

UNC-CH to test online tech-transfer market

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A new model: UNC-CH to test online tech-transfer market... "UNC-Chapel Hill officials have signed a contract to establish a test site for a new technology transfer online marketplace designed to increase the level of 'deal flow' - new companies and license agreements - generated by faculty and researchers. The iBridge' program at UNC-CH is being funded by a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and will be tested in the Office of Technology Development at the state's flagship school, according to Mark Crowell, who heads that office."

Sentillion Receives U.S. Patent for Context Mgt Tech with Audit Capabilities

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Sentillion Receives U.S. Patent for Unique Context Management Technology with Audit Capabilities... "Sentillion, Inc., a provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions for the healthcare industry, has received its first patent (6,941,313) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is for a unique context management technology with advanced audit capabilities, upon which the company's Vergence(R) Privacy Auditor(TM) product is based."

Monday, September 26, 2005

U.S. Gov Unveils New Measures To Protect IP

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U.S. Gov Unveils New Measures To Protect Intellectual Property... "The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced new initiatives aimed at better protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of U.S. businesses abroad."

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Health Enhancement Products Files for Patent Covering ProAlgaZyme Product

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Health Enhancement Products Files for Patent Covering ProAlgaZyme Product... "Health Enhancement Products, Inc. announced that it has filed a further patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, relating to various methods of treatment using its phyto-percolate, ProAlgaZyme. This patent filing is directed to the treatment of a variety of diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diseases related to immune system deficient disorders. The patent filing is also directed to methods of treatment for weight loss, inflammatory disorders responsive to COX-2 inhibition and glucose control."

New treasure chest opens for IT firms

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New treasure chest opens for IT firms... "With the increasing focus on creation of intellectual property, Indian IT companies are trying for a niche in a relatively new arena of facility management solutions that can provide significant cost-savings. With the ever-increasing size of operations, majors like Satyam Computers, ICICI Bank and GE Capital are currently deploying computer aided facility management solutions that integrate people, processes, facilities and assets."

Intellectual Property Audit

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Intellectual Property Audit... "One traditional definition of an intellectual property audit is 'a cataloging of organization's intellectual property assets'. Today, organizations see an intellectual property audit not only as a balance sheet for intangible assets but also, more importantly, as a self-evaluation that the organization constantly and consistently engages in to determine the value of its own assets, determine how to best capitalize on those assets, and keep abreast of the changing values of its assets in the face of the ever-changing economic and legal ecosphere. "

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nanomaterials to benefit flat panel industry, but Kodak exec advises caution

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Nanomaterials to benefit flat panel industry, but Kodak exec advises caution... "Nanotechnology has already added and will add more value to flat panel displays (FPDs) by lowering costs and producing improvements and breakthroughs in functionality, but companies should be careful applying novel nanomaterials, Eastman Kodak director of optical display films Robert Cournoyer said at the recent Taiwan Business Alliance Forum."

Friday, September 23, 2005

Enterprise Ireland launches tech transfer service

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Enterprise Ireland launches tech transfer service... "To encourage more Irish firms to consider buying in technology as a means of boosting innovation, Enterprise Ireland (EI) has launched a new service designed to make it easier for businesses to source technology through such procedures as intellectual property (IP), licensing and strategic partnerships. TechSearch allows Irish companies to benefit from a business practice that is used by thousands of companies worldwide and involves buying in technology instead of or in addition to conducting in-house research and development (R&D)."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

PSC wins key ruling on IP rights

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PSC wins key ruling on intellectual property rights... "A five-judge appeals panel has told the City University of New York that its refusal to negotiate with the Professional Staff Congress on intellectual property issues is unlawful."

Caboodle Cartridge(R) Files Patent Application for Refilling Ink Cartridges

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Caboodle Cartridge(R) Files Patent Application for Refilling Ink Cartridges; New Non-Invasive Method Improves Recycled Cartridge Performance... "Replacement printer cartridge provider Caboodle Cartridge(R) announced that it has filed a patent application for a new method of cleaning certain kinds of inkjet cartridges during the refilling process in order to improve the performance of the recycled units. The system will enable owners of Lexmark printers and other printers that use private-labeled Lexmark cartridges to achieve consistently high-quality printing results with remanufactured cartridges for the first time, allowing them to cut their ink costs in half without adversely affecting document appearance."

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NREL Recognized By FLC For Technology Transfer Activities

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NREL Recognized By FLC For Technology Transfer Activities... "The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) has recognized the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with two regional awards for technology transfer activities."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New UK patents judge revealed

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New UK patents judge revealed... "Barrister David Kitchin QC is to be the new judge in the Patents Court in England and Wales. His appointment fills the vacancy created by the early retirement of Mr Justice Laddie, who has left the bench to join law firm Willoughby & Partners."

IP chief slates China's piracy reality gap

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IP chief slates China's piracy reality gap... "Chris Israel, the newly-appointed US anti-piracy tsar, has berated China on its efforts to combat IP infringement on his first trip to the country since taking up the position in July."

Monday, September 19, 2005

SanDisk licenses Aerielle wireless technology

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SanDisk licenses Aerielle wireless technology... "SanDisk has licensed Aerielle Inc.'s patented wireless stereo FM transmitter technology. SanDisk first deployed the Aerielle Enabled technology in a line of accessory products for its recently introduced Sansa digital music player to address the rapidly growing user demand for quality wireless audio."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Doha to ban ozone-depleting materials by 2010

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Doha to ban ozone-depleting materials by 2010... "QATAR will ban the import of gases and machines harmful to the ozone layer by 2010, an official at the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves (SCENR) announced."

WIPO Invites NGOs to Discussion on IP & Development

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WIPO Invites NGOs to Discussion on IP & Development... "The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) invited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that participate in the organization's work to an interactive session on intellectual property (IP) and development. "This meeting is part of WIPO's continuous efforts to be responsive to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, including civil society," a Friday press release by WIPO stated."

Saturday, September 17, 2005

HP, Philips to drive adoption of 2d generation RFID solutions

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HP, Philips to drive adoption of second generation RFID solutions... "Technology solutions provider HP and Dutch electronics firm Philips are partnering to accelerate the adoption of the latest global RFID standard, which is designed to provide customers with interoperable technology, solutions and services for migration from previous RFID standards. This global EPC Class 1 Generation2 (Gen2) standard allows a single tag to now travel globally and still be read by most readers, something that wasn't previously possible. For example, most first-generation Class 1 RFID tags used in the United States cannot be read in Europe due to bandwidth limitations. Gen2 makes it possible to track a tag sent from the United States through Europe."

Kimberly-Clark RFID Lab Receives Global Performance Test Center Accreditation

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Kimberly-Clark RFID Lab is One of Two in North America to Receive Accreditation as a Global Performance Test Center... "Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) announced the company's dedicated RFID research lab has been awarded the first Global Performance Test Center Accreditation Marks by EPCglobal Inc. This award recognizes K-C's leadership role in the testing of RFID technology with the electronic product codes (EPC) used in supply chains. Kimberly-Clark's RFID research lab is one of only two facilities in North America to receive the EPCglobal accreditation."

Friday, September 16, 2005

Bid to trademark the word 'Linux' rejected

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Bid to trademark the word 'Linux' rejected... "An attempt by Australia's peak Linux body to register the name 'Linux' on behalf of Linus Torvalds has failed. The application was turned down by Intellectual Property Australia, a federal regulatory agency, because the word 'Linux' was not seen as distinctive enough to be trademarked."

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Korea (DPRK) to assist Nigeria in technology transfer

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Korea (DPRK) to assist Nigeria in technology transfer... "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has promised to assist Nigeria's western state of Kwara in the areas of technology transfer and technical cooperation."

Judge Rules Lee Can Work in China for Google

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Judge Rules Lee Can Work in China for Google... "Kai-Fu Lee remains barred from working on products, services or projects he worked on at Microsoft, including computer search technology. But while the judge said that a non-compete agreement Lee signed with Microsoft is valid, he said recruiting and staffing a Google center in China would not violate that agreement."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Patentability of computer programs in UK confirmed by Courts & Patent Office

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Patentability of computer programs in UK confirmed by Courts and Patent Office... "While the European Parliament has rejected the �Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, the Patents Court has reconfirmed in Halliburton Energy Services Inc. v Smith International (North Sea) Ltd and another [2005] EWHC 1623 (Pat) and in the matter of Patent Applications GB 0226884.3 and 0419317.3 by CFPH LLC, that, in the UK, software which shows a technological effect, and has the capability of being applied in industry, will be treated as patentable subject matter. "

Technology transfer in the Doha Round

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Technology transfer in the Doha Round... "In the context of bringing symmetry in the roles played by developed and developing countries in multilateral trade negotiations, it is often contended that the latter generally confine themselves to reacting to the agenda set by the former. Developing countries, it is argued, need to be more proactive. In the Doha Round, developing countries did raise a couple of issues for the first time. One of these proposals related to transfer of technology for which a working group was set up under the auspices of the General Council to examine the relationship between trade and transfer of technology, and of any possible recommendations on steps that might be taken within the mandate of the WTO to increase flows of technology to developing countries. "

Vical expands Merck licensing deal

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Vical expands Merck licensing deal... "Vical Inc., a developer of gene-based drugs, said Monday it expanded a licensing deal with Merck & Co., increasing its potential payments from the drug maker and allowing Vical to pursue certain AIDS vaccines. Shares of San Diego-based Vical jumped 72 cents, or 17 percent, to $4.94 in midday trading on the Nasdaq. Under the agreement, Merck gets renewable options for rights to use Vical's patented non-viral gene delivery technology for additional cancer agents. In exchange, Vical receives a non-exclusive right to use the technology for vaccines against HIV, meaning both companies will be able to pursue the anti-AIDS drugs."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

US and EU pile pressure on China

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US and EU pile pressure on China... "US and European business groups have urged China to reform its IP regime in a series of reports released in September that slate the government's record on protecting foreigners' rights. Although both the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) note improvements in the last three years in China's IP legal framework, AmCham said that China's authorities are 'nowhere close to providing the effective and deterring enforcement measures required by the WTO,' and that the key to enforcement was large fines and prison terms. In addition to repeating long-standing complaints about high levels of counterfeiting and piracy in China, both the AmCham 2005 White Paper and the EUCCC's European Business in China 2005 Position Paper highlight concerns about technical IP standards. "

IP experience for Supreme Court nominee

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IP experience for Supreme Court nominee... "President Bush's choice for the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is set to become the first Supreme Court justice in recent years with experience of both arguing and hearing intellectual property cases. "

US court narrows fair use

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US court narrows fair use... "In a decision that has weakened the fair use defence in US copyright cases, an appeals court has ruled against the developers of reverse-engineered software. The Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled on September 1 that developers of software program bnetd had violated the anti-circumvention and anti-trafficking provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and, as a result, had waived any fair use defence. bnetd is a software program which lets owners of Blizzard videogames set up their own multiplayer games on the internet without using Blizzard's game service. The defendants argued that they had improved on the original, and that their work constituted fair use. But the court found that the bnetd software violated the DMCA because it did not ask users for Blizzard's authentication code or CD key, which prevents owners of pirated games from accessing multiplayer games. The defendants hoped to find protection under Section 1201 F of the DMCA, which exempts reverse-engineering from liability for circumventing technology. "

Monday, September 12, 2005

Appeals Court confirms invalidity of bar code patents

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Appeals Court confirms invalidity of bar code patents... "A US Appeals Court on Friday confirmed that bar code scanning patents filed by a now deceased philanthropist were unenforceable because of unreasonable delays in the application process for the patents. The late Jerome Lemelson was a renowned and prolific inventor. Born in 1923, Lemelson amassed more than 550 patents covering a range of creations, from automated manufacturing systems to cassette players, from crying baby dolls to camcorders, from fax machines to personal computers. In 1954 and 1956 Lemelson lodged patent applications that described, according to court papers, 'specific methods and apparatus for performing the inspection and measurement of objects'. One possible application was the scanning of bar codes. The 1954 patent was abandoned, but its successor was granted in 1969. The 1956 patent was granted in 1963 - but not before further text and drawings were added. Critics accused Lemelson of manipulating the patent system by constantly amending his pending patent filings as new products came to market. These 'continuations-in-part' continued until 1993."

China & South Korea in landmark IP deal

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"China and South Korea recently signed a letter of intent to co-operate further on intellectual property (IP) issues. Beijing IP Services Centre and South Korea's Electronics Industry Promotion Association (EIPA) signed the document, which states that the two parties will hold regular seminars and forums on IP topics and promote communications between the two nations. Both sides will jointly investigate IP infringement cases and research subjects of mutual concern."

China's Markets Face Reform

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China's Markets Face Reform... "If China wants to attract more venture capital and to develop an innovation-based, high-growth economy, experts who met this weekend at the World Economic Forum's China Business Summit said it needs to rapidly introduce changes, including reform of the nation's capital markets. The upside is enormous if China gets it policies right, with some at the summit going so far as to say that Shenzhen's market capitalization could be greater than the Nasdaq by 2013, and Intel could be taken over by a Chinese company within roughly the same time frame."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lockheed Martin to acquire sensor maker

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Lockheed Martin to acquire sensor maker... "Lockheed Martin Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement to buy remote sensing systems maker Coherent Technologies Inc. for an undisclosed amount, the company has announced. The deal is expected to close later this year. Based in Louisville, Colo., Coherent Technologies provides high-performance, laser-based sensor solutions and develops radar technology. The company performs research, product development and systems integration for products that maintain continuous operations in demanding environments. It also provides critical information about target identification and hazardous meteorological events."

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tech transfer 'essential' for African agriculture

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Technology transfer 'essential' for African agriculture... "The winner of last year's World Food Prize says major reforms are needed in the way Africa's agricultural research is organised if the continent is to substantially increase food production. Monty Jones, executive secretary of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, urges closer links between scientists and farmers to ensure that research results are not only put into practice, but also disseminated effectively between countries and regions. Jones won the 2004 prize for his work on 'New Rice for Africa' (NERICA), which combines African and Asian strains of rice into a new variety uniquely adapted to conditions in West Africa (see African and Chinese scientists win World Food Prize). "

UTEK Completes Tech Transfer with Fuel FX Int'l

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UTEK Completes Technology Transfer with Fuel FX International, Inc.; Acquisition Transfers License for New Device to Reduce Vehicle Emissions... "UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK) (LSE-AIM:UTKA), a technology transfer company, and Fuel FX International, Inc., a developer of proprietary products for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions in vehicle engines, announced that Fuel FX International has acquired Emissions-Reduction Technologies, Inc. (ERT), a wholly owned subsidiary of UTEK Corporation, in a stock transaction. ERT holds the license to develop and market a second generation system for reducing vehicle emissions. The device is a gasoline distillation apparatus that is intended to significantly reduce startup emissions and total vehicle emissions. This licensed technology was developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin working in conjunction with a leading automobile manufacturer. "

HP sues to stop shipment of hard drives
HP sues to stop shipment of hard drives... "HP (NYSE: HPQ) sued ICL Network Solutions (HK) Ltd. in U.S. District Court in Worcester, Mass., claiming ICL is selling counterfeit hard drives. Hewlett-Packard Co. has sued to stop shipment of 355 computer hard drives stored in a Massachusetts freight warehouse, saying they are illegal knockoffs of HP products.

USPTO Issues Expedited Patent for New Tech to Help US Government Counter Terrorism

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"Data Quality Solutions of Silver Spring, MD announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) had issued them an expedited patent for their 'Enterprise Business Process Management System and Method'. The USPTO, on rare occasions, expedites the patent review and approval processes for innovative, promising inventions that are in the national interest. Data Quality Solutions' patent was expedited because of the patents applicability and importance to 'countering terrorism'."

Friday, September 09, 2005

Science Students Get Down to Business With Research

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Science Students Get Down to Business With Research... "Some graduate science and engineering students at UC Davis are getting a head start on classes -- and on taking their research to the marketplace. About 25 students are participating in an intensive one-week program Sept. 12 to 16 to learn how to translate their research into viable products for investment and the competitive market."

Wanted: A CIPO for every software snippet

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Wanted: A CIPO for every software snippet... "Want job security? Get yourself a law degree, bone up on software licensing issues, and put 'Chief Intellectual Property Officer' (CIPO) at the top of your resume. Don't take less than $300K to start. They might even let you work from home. That's because we're about to enter an era where legal implications will play more of a role in software development and code assimilation than, well - software. We are barely into the first inning on this, and let me tell you, it is going to be hard ball."

U.S. Border Crossings Go High Tech

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U.S. Border Crossings Go High Tech... "The Department of Homeland Security's US-VISIT program is testing radio frequency identification systems through Spring 2006 at five crossing points along the Canada and Mexico borders to better monitor the comings and goings of visitors to the U.S., sparking protests from privacy groups. "

Industry Rivals Join Forces in Cross-Licensing Agreement

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Industry Rivals Join Forces in Cross-Licensing Agreement... "In a move that could have major implications for the software industry, Computer Associates yesterday pledged open access to key innovations covered by 14 of its U.S. patents -- and counterparts of these patents issued in other countries -- for individuals and groups working on open-source software."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jennic Launches Single-Chip IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller

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Jennic Launches Single-Chip IEEE802.15.4 Wireless Microcontroller... "Jennic has announced that its JN5121 single-chip IEEE 802.15.4 wireless microcontroller is now in production and available in volume quantities. The chip is designed for power-efficient control within wireless sensor networks based on the IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee standards. The microcontroller is claimed to be unique since it combines a 32-bit RISC core, fully compliant 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 transceiver and integrated 64KB ROM and 96KB RAM memory blocks, all in a single 8 x 8mm 56-lead QFN chip package. The company's wireless microcontroller provides a versatile general-purpose solution for a diverse range of low power sensor network applications ranging from simple point-to-point to complex mesh requirements in home, building and industrial control and automation systems."

NeoMagic® Announces Patent Licensing Agreement with Sony

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NeoMagic® Corporation Announces Patent Licensing Agreement with Sony Corporation... "NeoMagic Corporation (Nasdaq: NMGC), developers of processors for multimedia-rich mobile phones and other wireless handheld systems, announced that it has granted Sony Corporation of Tokyo, Japan a worldwide, non-exclusive license to all of its patents. In accordance with the agreement, NeoMagic expects to receive gross proceeds of $8.5 million. After deducting fees and commissions, NeoMagic expects to receive net proceeds of approximately $5.6 million. Among the patents that are being licensed to Sony Corporation are those that relate to the use of embedded dynamic random-access-memory (DRAM) technology and on-chip memories in semiconductor integrated circuits."

Demand for wireless networks growing

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Demand for wireless networks growing... "ON World's recently published report, 'Wireless Sensor Networks: Growing Markets, Accelerating Demand,' is based on primary research with 147 companies and includes unit and revenue forecasts on eight WSN markets, analysis and survey results on market drivers, inhibitors, current applications and adoption trends."

Merchant Bank Puts Patents On Auction Block

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Merchant Bank Puts Patents On Auction Block... "Intellectual property assets will soon be found on a Christie's-style auction block, catering to Fortune 500 companies among others, when merchant bank Ocean Tomo LLC launches live patent auction events in April 2006. The bank's IP auction house, the first of its kind, will auction patents after a careful selection and rating process. The auctions will take place twice each year, one on each coast, with patents solicited in advance for their potential value and some buyers invited based on company analysis."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yahoo Accused Of Helping China Jail Journalist

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Yahoo Accused Of Helping China Jail Journalist... "Reporters Without Borders said court papers showed that Yahoo Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. gave Chinese investigators information that helped them trace a personal Yahoo e-mail allegedly containing state secrets to Tao's computer. Yahoo Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. is part of Yahoo's global network. Shi, a former journalist for the financial publication Contemporary Business News, was sentenced in April to 10 years in prison for illegally providing state secrets to foreigners. Reporters Without Borders described Shi as a 'good journalist who has paid dearly for trying to get the news out.' "

Universities Missing Opportunities to Advance Innovation

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Universities Missing Opportunities to Advance Innovation... "University laboratories hold great promise for spurring high-impact entrepreneurship but are not reaping the full benefits of their research efforts, according to researchers at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. To address the issue, the Kauffman Foundation along with the Technology Transfer Society will convene a three-day conference, Advancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship, on September 28-30, at Kauffman's Kansas City headquarters. In attendance will be approximately 150 top academicians and economic development and technology transfer officials in the area of innovation policy and entrepreneurship. "

RFID and barcode scanning squish into CF card

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RFID and barcode scanning squish into CF card... "Socket Communications has combined RFID reading/writing and barcode scanning functions into a single CompactFlash card. The 'affordable' CF RFID Reader-Scan Card Series 6 works with devices running Windows Mobile, according to the company. The combo CF card scans linear bar codes and reads and writes to high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID tags, supporting both technologies with a single plug-in accessory for Windows Mobile devices, according to Socket. The company claims its SocketScan keyboard wedge software can send the RFID tag and/or bar code data to 'any Windows application' as virtual keystrokes."

RFID ready printer

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Dy-Mark RFID ready printer... "The Datamax I-Class RFID Ready printer is an innovative solution to address emerging RFID labelling requirements. The new printer can encode data onto Radio Frequency (RF) chips embedded into a Smart Label, creating a powerful (RFID) label printer that is easy for users to own and operate."

Solar Underwater Robot Tech Showcased at Exhibition

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Newswise New Solar Underwater Robot Technology Showcased at Exhibition... "workshop on leading-edge robotics to be held at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Va. Arthur C. Sanderson, professor of electrical, computer, and systems engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will display the robotic technology being developed by a team of research groups, including Rensselaer, and led by the Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute directed by D. Richard Blidberg. "

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Upcoming Online Conference

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Upcoming Homeland Security Online Conference Provides Insight into Changes in the Evolving Homeland Security Industry... " (HDS), an investor and industry news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, is pleased to update the list of participants to its third online Homeland Security Investor Conference to be held on September 21, 2005 and archived thereafter. The conference format will be an audio presentation with an accompanying PowerPoint featuring well known industry analysts and experts, as well as presenting public companies. The HDS forum entitled 'Looking Back at the Progress and Obstacles; Tracking Trends in Technology and Funding Moving Forward' currently includes participating public companies: SENSE Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: SEHO), Cyberlux Corporation (OTCBB: CYBL), Aethlon Medical (OTCBB: AEMD), Law Enforcement Associates (AMEX: AID), Markland Technologies (OTCBB: MRKL) and Nexicon, Inc. (OTCBB: NXCN)."

Vietnam, US working hard on WTO talks

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Vietnam, US working hard on WTO talks... "Vietnamese and American negotiators are working hard to wrap up bilateral talks for Vietnam's admission to the World Trade Organization, a US diplomat has said. "

Copyright claims -- the next gotcha?

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Copyright claims -- the next gotcha?... "One of your employees just read an article he likes, so he e-mails a copy to 10 colleagues. No problem, right? Think again. If the company does not have permission to forward electronic copies of the article, its employees might have just committed copyright infringement. And don't assume it's not a 'real' problem just because you haven't heard much about it. Ask Legg Mason, the investment management firm, which was hit with a nearly $20 million judgment for repeatedly violating the copyright of a newsletter publisher. The company systematically forwarded electronic copies of the newsletter, without permission, to employees. While the fact that it went to trial and the size of the award make the Legg Mason case unusual, the basis for liability could apply to just about any company whose employees forward electronic copies of articles or publications without permission. For every Legg Mason whose case goes to trial, there are many more companies, large and small, that might have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, more or less, when they are caught redistributing newsletters or articles, by e-mail or otherwise, without the publishers' permission."

Nanotechnology Presents Possibility of Implantable Artificial Kidney

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Nanotechnology Presents Possibility of Implantable Artificial Kidney... "Researchers have developed a human nephron filter (HNF) that would eventually make possible a continuously functioning, wearable or implantable artificial kidney. This study is published in the latest issue of Hemodialysis International. The HNF is the first application in developing a renal replacement therapy (RRT) to potentially eliminate the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation in end-stage renal disease patients. The HNF utilizes a unique membrane system created through applied nanotechnology. In the ideal RRT device, this technology would be used to mimic the function of natural kidneys, continuously operating, and based on individual patient needs. No dialysis solution would be used in the device. Operating 12 hours a day, seven days a week, the filtration rate of the HNF is double that of conventional hemodialysis administered three times a week."

Monday, September 05, 2005

Business chiefs give blunt warning on Doha talks

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Business chiefs give blunt warning on Doha talks... "The Doha round of global trade talks may be "on the verge of failure", an association of global business leaders. A blunt statement from six business associations, including the US Business Roundtable, an association of chief executives of leading corporations, says delay in the agricultural talks is holding up progress in goods and services liberalisation, which is economically far more significant."

Picsel Tech Forges Licensing Deal with TCL Mobile Communication

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Picsel Tech Forges Licensing Deal with TCL Mobile Communication... "Picsel Technologies, a provider of solutions that enable intuitive interaction with rich content on small screen devices, today announced a licensing agreement with TCL Mobile Communications Co. Ltd., which will make Picsel File Viewer the standard document viewing enabler across its smartphone product range."

DRM in ERM: Know Your Rights Provider

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DRM in ERM: Know Your Rights Provider... "The gaping hole in security schemes of enterprise content management (ECM) systems is that few, if any, protections exist once the information is legitimately accessed. This confidential information-which may include price lists, patented designs, blueprints, drawings, and reports-can often be printed, faxed, or emailed to unauthorized parties without any security attached. This has given rise to an emerging but critical set of capabilities by a new breed of software companies that develop and sell Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, more commonly termed Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) or Enterprise DRM when it is deployed by organizations distributing content securely inside or outside the firewall. The term DRM (alone) is used primarily to refer to protections of digital entertainment files in the business-to- consumer marketplace. "

India IP office gets revamp

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India IP office gets revamp... "For two years running, India's Trade Mark Registry has been ranked worst in the world in Managing Intellectual Property magazine's Trade Mark Poll. Much of the inefficiency and delay experienced by brand owners was related to problems with the Registry's antiquated computer system. These problems were exacerbated as the Registry prepared itself for the move to its new home, with trade mark applicants reporting that some files were misplaced or lost. Now the government is hoping that it has done enough to satisfy its critics."

Sunday, September 04, 2005

China joins IP standards group

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China joins IP standards group... "Companies in China's semiconductor industry will soon be basing their products on international standards after the China Semiconductor Industry Association signed a deal with the VSI Alliance (VSIA), which develops technical standards that enable inter-operability. "

Saturday, September 03, 2005

WindLogics catches soaring demand for renewable energy systems

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WindLogics catches soaring demand for renewable energy systems... "From an expanding perch in Grand Rapids, WindLogics is catching a piece of the nation's soaring demand for renewable energy. The St. Paul-based company is an anchor tenant at Itasca Technology Exchange, an 18,000 square-foot incubator for high-tech businesses at Central Square Mall in Grand Rapids. WindLogics tracks, models and forecasts wind patterns and demand for its services is growing."

Jamaican music industry loses US$ millions through IP piracy

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Jamaican music industry loses US$ millions through intellectual property piracy... "The Jamaican music industry, the world's leading exporter of reggae music, is losing millions of dollars through intellectual property (IP) piracy and it is revenue that the country can ill afford to lose as it continues to develop its economy."

Friday, September 02, 2005

MacroChem Discontinues R&D, Seeks Buyer for Company or Assets

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MacroChem Discontinues Research and Product Development Activities, Terminates Substantially all Non-Management Personnel, Will Seek Buyer for Company or its Assets... "At the direction of its board of directors, MacroChem Corporation (Nasdaq:MCHM) is discontinuing all research and product development activities. The Company will seek to sell the business or its assets. As previously announced, the company has been evaluating strategic alternatives, such as raising additional capital or a merger or acquisition, a sale of the Company or a sale or licensing of its intellectual property. To date, the Company has been unable to identify a satisfactory strategic alternative. On August 31, 2005, the Company terminated substantially all its non-management personnel."

Beijing court hears wrangle on Viagra patent

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Beijing court hears wrangle on Viagra patent... "The legal battle over the legitimacy of the patent rights for impotency drug Viagra began yesterday at a Beijing court. Drug maker Pfizer is suing China's Patent Re-examination Board (PRB) of the State Intellectual Property Office for wrongfully invalidating its China patent over the use of sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, a drug taken by patients suffering male erectile dysfunction (MED). "

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dell, Office Depot sued over alleged patent infringement

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Dell, Office Depot sued over alleged patent infringement... "THE INTERNET MEDIA Corporation is suing Dell, Office Depot, JC Penney, Williams-Sonoma and J. Crew Group over an alleged breach of patent. Internet Media said it is the owner of US patent 6,049,835. This describes a system for providing easy access to the World Wide Web using a published list of pre-selected Internet locations together with unique multidigit jump codes."

Ocean Tomo Announces Live Auctions to Speed Patent Deals

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Ocean Tomo Announces Live Auctions to Speed Patent Deals... "Ocean Tomo, LLC, a merchant banking firm focusing on intellectual property assets, has announced the first regular live patent auction events. The auctions will occur twice per year - once on the West Coast and once on the East Coast. The first is scheduled for April, 2006 in Silicon Valley. Each event will also be simulcast on the Internet. Ocean Tomo Auctions are the first to bring together a large number of patent buyers and sellers in a single venue. It serves as a unique setting to meet, network and learn which patents are available in today's market. "

Software escrow services in India

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Software escrow services in India... EscrowTech India, an Indo-US joint venture, provide[s] professional software and technology escrow services to clients in India. The joint venture is between Chennai-based Global Business Solutions, a consulting firm, and EscrowTech International Inc.

NY: Nassau Legislators Propose Eliminating Sales Tax On Solar Energy Products

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Nassau Legislators Propose Eliminating Sales Tax On Solar Energy Products... Nassau County legislators have proposed eliminating the county's sales tax on solar energy systems installed on people's homes. Suffolk County approved a solar energy sales tax exemption earlier this summer. Nassau legislators David Mejias, Jeffrey Toback and David Denenberg will be with several environmentalists and alternative energy experts in Farmingdale in front of the Broad Hollow BioScience Park in Farmingdale. With oil prices reaching $70 per barrel, solar energy systems that produce electricity and hot water are becoming more attractive. New York State offers rebates and tax incentives to homeowners, and the Long Island Power Authority offers additional rebates to homeowners who install solar energy systems.