Sunday, July 31, 2005

Advanced Battery Tech Files Patent Application for Its Nano-Lithium-Ion Battery

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Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. Files Patent Application for Its New Nano-Lithium-Ion Battery... "Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: ABAT) , a developer and manufacturer of rechargeable Polymer-Lithium-Ion (PLI) batteries, announced that it has filed a patent application for its Nano-Lithium-Ion (NLI) battery. ABAT has been developing a new PLI battery using Lithium Titanate Spinel Electrode Nanomaterials provided by Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. ABAT has developed a method for incorporating the nanomaterials into is PLI battery that is included in its patent application."

Nanotech Moves Closer to Cure

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"Wired News: Nanotech Moves Closer to Cure... When Dr. James Baker returned from the first Gulf War in 1991, his University of Michigan colleagues must have assumed the medical researcher's head had sustained a direct Scud missile hit. The good doctor came home with some pretty wacky ideas. Here was one of them: Instead of using live viruses to destroy diseased cells, why not send in man-made, nanoscale molecules with tiny tendrils that scientists could engineer to battle specific types of cancers?"

Web Could Unclog Patent Backlog

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Wired News: Web Could Unclog Patent Backlog... "In a bid to shake up the beleaguered American patent system, a law professor has crafted a proposal that would shift the patent-application process away from individual examiners to an internet-based, peer-review method. Called Peer to Patent, the proposal by Beth Noveck, director of New York Law School's Institute for Information Law and Policy, aims to relieve the current system, in which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a backlog of half a million cases. Noveck's plan would turn the review process over to tens or hundreds of thousands of experts in various fields who would collectively decide an application's fate via a massive rating system not unlike that of eBay."

US Patent Application Allowed Using Integral's ElectriPlast Technology

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"Another US Patent Application Allowed Using Integral's ElectriPlast Technology... Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ITKG) ('Integral'), announced today that its United States Patent Application titled 'Low Cost Electrical Cable Connector Housings and Cable Heads Manufactured from Conductive Loaded Resin-Based Material', has been allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This invention, an application of Integral's proprietary ElectriPlast technology, allows for electrical cable connectors and cable heads to be molded or extruded to provide the desired shape. This conductive loaded resin based material allows design flexibility and unique performance characteristics. Through the use of plastic material, the ElectriPlast cable connector is impervious to moisture so that electromagnetic shields can be located on objects exposed to the environment. "

`China's Google' prepares for U.S. stock market debut

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`China's Google' prepares for U.S. stock market debut"... BEIJING: takes its name from a 900-year-old poem but its ambitions are ultramodern -- to become the Chinese-language equivalent of Internet search giant Google Inc. Little known abroad, 5-year-old says it already is the world's sixth most-visited Internet site, thanks to a strong following from China's 100 million-plus Web surfers. Now the startup founded by two Chinese veterans of American tech firms is preparing to follow Google's example with an initial public offering in the United States, hoping to raise $45 million. A date for the offering has not been announced. "

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sure Trace Licenses Add'l Tech For Use In China

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Sure Trace Licenses Additional Technology For Use In China; Company Also Offers Details Of Previous Acquisitions; Hires CFO... "Sure Trace Security Corporation (OTC:SSTY) has today announced that, it has entered into a binding agreement with Sensor Media Corporation (Sensor) through its subsidiaries, to utilize Sensor's licensed technology in China, Hong Kong and Macau. It has also been granted the sole option to acquire Sensor's three subsidiaries described below within 120 days of the execution of the agreement upon mutually acceptable terms. Sensor has indicated that it owns the Intellectual Property rights to various technologies which include solar collection systems, fingerprint imaging systems, and TV back-Plane systems. These technologies are held through Sensor's subsidiaries -- SMC Solar, SMC Biometrics and SMC TV. Sensor has licensed worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for these technologies and has granted exclusive sub-licenses to its three wholly owned subsidiaries."

Alliacense Launches Licensing Program for Microprocessor Patents

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Alliacense Launches Major Licensing Program for Fundamental Microprocessor Patents; Intel and AMD Confirmed as Early Licensees of Widely Used Microprocessor System Design and Architecture Patents... "Alliacense, a TPL Group enterprise focused on licensing program management, announced that it has stepped up efforts to notify and license more than 100 system manufacturers worldwide using intellectual property protected by the Moore Microprocessor Patent(TM) (MMP) Portfolio. The fundamental patents filed in the 1980s cover techniques widely used in microprocessors as well as digital signal processors (DSPs), embedded processors and system-on-chip solutions."

Dialog Adds Mexican Trademarks To Intellectual Property Portfolio

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Dialog Adds Mexican Trademarks To Intellectual Property Portfolio... "Dialog, a worldwide provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has added TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico (File 668) to its portfolio of intellectual property records and research gathered from around the world. TRADEMARKSCAN-Mexico includes approximately 500,000 trademark registrations filed with Mexican authorities from 1976 to the present with additional information available on published registrations from 1993 forward. It also includes most trademarks filed before 1976. Goods and services information is translated into English and may be searched in either English or Spanish."

Friday, July 29, 2005

PwC exec sees a 'disconnect' on software licensing

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Q&A: PwC exec sees a 'disconnect' on software licensing... "Corporate IT executives often complain that software contracts are too complex and don't offer enough flexibility to meet their needs. But when software vendors have tried to introduce new licensing models, they have rarely been adopted by customers. To help make sense of where the industry is heading, Computerworld's Thomas Hoffman spoke late last week with David L. Marston, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers who leads the firm's U.S. licensing management practice in San Francisco. Last month, PwC published a technology licensing marketplace study based on interviews with 112 CIOs and chief financial officers at U.S. technology companies. Among the findings: Half of all U.S. technology companies expect to lose revenues this year because enterprise customers improperly report the amount of licensed software they use. "

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Softricity wins patent for new remote networking technology

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Softricity wins patent for new remote networking technology... "Boston-based virtual computing company Softricity Inc. has received approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent that simplifies the way remote users access network files and other resources across firewalls. According to the company, Softricity's "A Method and System for Remote Networking Using Port Proxying," eliminates the time-consuming proxy coding traditionally required for specialized access and enables a unified desktop view of virtualized local and network files with or without a VPN."

LG Electronics joins 802.11 joint patent licensing program

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LG Electronics joins 802.11 joint patent licensing program... "Via Licensing Corp. has added LG Electronics as a licensor to its joint patent licensing program for IEEE 802.11 implementation patents. LG Electronics joins France Telecom SA, Fujitsu Ltd, Japan Radio Company Ltd, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV, and Sony Corp. as licensors offering licenses jointly through the program. Customers essentially pay one fee to Via Licensing to gain access to all relevant patents from these companies. Via Licensing (San Francisco), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories Inc., said the licensors have also agreed to a onetime extension of the signing incentive period for licensees, meaning the joint patent license now contains a provision that waives royalties for practice of the IEEE 802.11 standard for the period prior to Dec. 31, 2004 for companies that become licensees on or before Aug. 11 of this year."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Xybernaut files for Chapter 11

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Xybernaut files for Chapter 11... "Xybernaut, a once heavily hyped tech company hit with a federal investigation and the resignations of top executives, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The Fairfax company makes wearable computers and communications devices. Xybernaut (NASDAQ: XYBR) had its stock delisted in mid-May. "

SPIRAL Communications Corp Adds IP*InSource(SM) IP Asset Management Practice

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SPIRAL Communications Corporation Adds IP*InSource(SM) Intellectual Property Asset Management Practice... "IP*InSource(SM), a new intellectual property asset management practice of SPIRAL Communications Corporation, focuses on intellectual property and asset management concerns of start-up, exit strategy, re-organization, and going-concern strategists.
Bedford, NH (PRWEB) July 27, 2005 -- SPIRAL Communications Corporation announces the opening of IP*InSource(SM), an intellectual property asset management practice focusing on the needs of enterprises in the process of starting-up, developing exit strategies, carrying-out daily operations, and/or re-organizing. IP*InSource(SM) provides time-is-of- the-essence deliverables including business process and intellectual asset audits and associated reports; strategic planning for intellectual property-focused entities; international executive-education programs at different locations across the U.S.; customized client-site intellectual property management training programs; patent search and associated reporting; and business and intellectual property-focused mediation."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Raymond C. Kurzweil: Prophet Of Longevity

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Raymond C. Kurzweil: Prophet Of Longevity... "Inventor-entrepreneur-author Raymond C. Kurzweil is keeping his eye on the year 2030. He'll turn 82 that year -- and with luck, he'll cross a threshold to some form of immortality. By 2030, Kurzweil believes, biomedical technology will have advanced to the point where it will be possible to halt the body's aging process. Tiny robots the size of red blood cells will patrol our circulatory systems and rejuvenate tired cells. Soon after that, around 2050, we should be able to reverse-engineer a human brain and upload it into a robot. People willing to give up their 'wet' bodies -- we're 50% to 60% water -- could not only live forever but also think at electronic speeds."

Some native Hawaiian leaders harbor concerns about developing the state's life science industries

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Some native Hawaiian leaders harbor concerns about developing the state's life science industries... "WHEN the Hawaii Life Sciences Council unveiled its 'innovation road map,' the event attracted some of Hawaii's leading lights to discuss development of the state's biomedical industries. Gov. Linda Lingle led a roster of speakers that included Calvin Say, the speaker of the state House of Representatives, and Jennifer Sabas, U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye's chief of staff. Mike Fisch, publisher of the Honolulu Advertiser, was the event's emcee. Also taking the podium were people who say they've often been ignored when the business establishment made its plans: representatives of the native Hawaiian community."

Tech center supports energy-saving device for heat-treating plants

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Tech center supports energy-saving device for heat-treating plants... "The Center for Technology Transfer has committed $350,000 in funding to Erie, Pa.-based Spinworks LLC, a company that has developed a series of technologies that will enable Wisconsin thermal metal processing companies to reduce usage of natural gas in their furnaces."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Bush creates new post to fight global piracy

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Bush creates new post to fight global piracy... "President Bush has created a new senior-level position to fight the global piracy and counterfeiting of American products ranging from Hollywood movies to Detroit auto parts, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said on Friday. 'Intellectual-property theft is a major problem around the world. We believe that it is costing U.S. businesses about $250 billion in lost sales' annually, Gutierrez in an interview with Reuters. 'Our businesses thrive on innovation, on ideas, on creativity ... That's how our country has grown. And we cannot allow a world trading environment to be created where patents and trademarks and brands are not respected,' Gutierrez said. Bush has tapped Chris Israel, currently deputy chief of staff for Gutierrez, to head up the administration's anti-piracy efforts."

Thinking inside the box: Buildings get a brain

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Thinking inside the box: Buildings get a brain... "Although engineers have envisioned and implemented many Jetsons-like conveniences throughout the home, factory, and office, most end users are reluctant to pay extra for the hardware and software necessary to simplify mundane tasks. For example, subsystems to enable voice controls, automatically feed the pets, or create lighting or entertainment scenes when you walk through the door are available today, yet they appeal to only a small audience. In areas having high consumer interest, such as security or energy conservation, the lack of compatible products makes it difficult to devise a fully integrated system. Recognizing these industry problems, product manufacturers have proposed new initiatives, updated standards, and revised communications protocols that promise to accelerate the acceptance of smart-building technology."

IEEE Working On Wireless Mesh LAN

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IEEE Working On Wireless Mesh LAN... "The IEEE task group for 802.11s technology has been accepting proposals in San Francisco for a standard in mesh networking. According to its web site, the Wi-Mesh Alliance (WiMA) has submitted a proposal to standardize the way computers can capitalize on existing 802.11 technology by extending its capabilities. That extension would allow for a wide area, like a campus, a military base, or even a city to have ubiquitous wireless networking services available. Also, the proposal accounts for the pending 802.11n standard as it extends existing standards for mesh networking."

Montana State University releases 3 herbicide-tolerant winter wheat varieties available for licensing

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"Three new winter wheat varieties tolerant to a common herbicide are being released from Montana State University (MSU) next month with the hope that seed production can begin this fall. The varieties are referred to as Clearfield winter wheat lines because they incorporate a technology developed by BASF chemical company that makes the plants tolerant to imidazolinone herbicide. The herbicide controls the weeds but does not affect the wheat. The technology involves transferring a normal mutation into the wheat and does not involve genetic engineering, or the transferring of foreign, non-wheat DNA into the plant."

Sunday, July 24, 2005

New licenses signal multi phone services

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New licenses signal multi phone services... "Hong Kong's telecommunications regulator will begin issuing new operating licenses early next year combining both fixed-line and mobile services making it easier for phone operators to offer bundled services to customers, according to a source at the Office of the Telecommunications Authority."

DA, PhilRice mull IPR protection for scientists

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"The Department of Agriculture and its agency, the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), are gearing up for protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of Filipino researchers and scientists, and helping them gain from their inventions. The DA-PhilRice, as part of the celebration of the National Biotech Week, recently inaugurated the state-of-the-art Biotech-Intellectual Property Rights Training Center at PhilRice in Munoz, Nueva Ecija. The R2-million center is equipped with 30 computers suitable for prior art search, which is a critical process in determining IPR. It was put up through the joint efforts of the DA Biotech Program Implementation Unit (BPIU) and PhilRice Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO)."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Schneider to Buy Sensors Specialist BEI for $562 Mln

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"Schneider Electric SA, a maker of circuit breakers, agreed to buy BEI Technologies Inc. of the U.S. for $562 million to double its share of the electrical sensors and motors market. Schneider, based near Paris, will pay $35 in cash for each BEI share, the two companies said in a statement today. The transaction includes about $29 million of assumed debt."

Friday, July 22, 2005

NOTAP, DTCA Collaborate On Indigenous Tech Transfer

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NOTAP, DTCA Collaborate On Indigenous Technology Transfer... "The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) and the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (DTCA) have finalised an arrangement to promote indigenous Nigerian technologies in African countries that need them. NOTAP is a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology while DTCA is an agency of the Ministry of Cooperation and Integration in Africa. The agreement was reached recently when a delegation from DTCA visited NOTAP's office in Abuja."

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Union calls for European ban on staff-tracking RFID

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Union calls for European ban on staff-tracking RFID... "A UK trade union is calling for a Europe-wide ban on supermarkets and other employers using RFID and GPS technology to tag and track staff in the workplace. The general workers' union GMB has submitted a report to the European Commission warning that tagging technologies are an invasion of workers' privacy and calling for legislation to restrict its use."

First RFID system with UHF technology successfully in operation

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First RFID system with UHF technology successfully in operation... "Cinram, leader vendor of pre-recorded CDs and DVDs, and Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) have jointly implemented an RFID (radio frequency identification) solution in the UHF (ultra high frequency) range. To optimize supply logistics, two loading doors at the incoming goods area of Cinram's central materials warehouse in Alsfeld near Cologne, Germany have been equipped with the new Simatic RF 600 RFID system from Siemens. "

Planes, Trains and ... Laptops?; Recent Survey Revelations

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Planes, Trains and ... Laptops?; Recent Survey Reveals 34 Percent of U.S. Adult Computer Users Have Vacationed with a Laptop PC... "Laptops Take Vacations Too: A recent survey commissioned by Intel and conducted by Harris Interactive® revealed that 34 percent of U.S. adult computer users or their families have taken a laptop computer with them on vacation, and half of all respondents are likely to take a laptop on a future vacation."

Thais seek shield against 'biopiracy'

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Thais seek shield against 'biopiracy'... "While United States trade negotiators seek to strengthen intellectual property protection under the proposed Thai-US free trade area agreement, Thailand is raising the issue of genetic resources and ways to guard against biopiracy. ''This (biopiracy) is an issue that the US has never raised with its counterparts under a bilateral free trade framework. So it might prove difficult for Thailand to insist that this is part of the discussions,'' said Wiboonlasana Ruamraksa, the deputy director-general of the Intellectual Property Department. Ms Wiboonlasana was one of several dozen senior Thai technocrats who travelled to Montana last week for the fourth round of talks on the free trade agreement. She said Thailand might seek protections similar or beyond the country's anti-biopiracy proposals to the World Trade Organisation."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

California Researchers Offer Open-Source Platform To Speed Wireless Development

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California Researchers Offer Open-Source Platform To Speed Wireless Development... "In a bid to speed development of new wireless protocols and networking standards, the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) at UCSD has begun distributing for alpha testing a hardware-and-software platform for wireless research and development. Called CalRadio 1.0, the open-source device gives academic and corporate researchers unprecedented freedom to develop new radio frequency (RF) solutions."

MediVas Signs Drug Delivery Tech Licensing Agreement With Estracure

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MediVas Signs Licensing Agreement With Estracure Inc. of Montreal Canada for Drug Delivery Technology for Drug Eluting Stents... "Kenneth Carpenter, President and CEO of MediVas LLC, a San Diego based biomaterials company, and Dr. Marc Lussier, Chief Executive Officer of Estracure, Inc., a subsidiary of Duravest, Inc., a publicly traded holding company (OTC Bulletin Board: DUVT, XETRA: DUVT.ETR), announced the signing of an agreement for the exclusive use of the MediVas PEA drug delivery technology in conjunction with Estracure's core technology to develop a 17-(beta)-Estradiol drug-eluting stent (DES) to treat patients suffering from coronary heart diseases."

Czech import, export prices down in May yr/yr

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Czech import, export prices down in May yr/yr... "Czech import and export prices went down by 0.3 and 0.6 percent, respectively, on the year in May, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) said yesterday. The main cause of this small decrease (taking place for the second month in a row) was lower year-on-year appreciation of the Czech crown to the main foreign currencies in comparison with the previous month. This influence was, on the other hand, reduced by a lower year-on-year increase of oil and oil products prices in comparison with April, CSU said."

LexisNexis Launches Taxonomy Program To Help Customers Manage Information Overload

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LexisNexis Launches Taxonomy Program To Help Customers Manage Information Overload... "LexisNexis, a provider of legal, news, and business information services, has launched a new taxonomy program that allows companies to license proprietary LexisNexis taxonomies and access expert consulting services. LexisNexis indexing technology has underpinned the LexisNexis services for more than 15 years, and now companies can leverage these taxonomies within their own enterprise and across all content."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

'Copyright' man sent to jail

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'Copyright' man sent to jail... "A man has been attempting to use a novel defense - he copyrighted his name, and when government officials sent citations for traffic violations and property taxes, he claimed the government officials infringed upon his copyright. In response, prosecutors accused him of breaking an obscure law that makes it illegal to attempt 'by threat of violence of economic reprisal against a person or property with intent to alter or affect a public official's decisions, votes, opinions or actions,' reports the Sky-Hi News of Granby. A jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to two years in jail."

Monday, July 18, 2005

California RFID Bill Is Unconstitutional

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California RFID Bill Is Unconstitutional... "California Senate Bill 682, the Identity Information Protection Act of 2005, is one of the first state legislative proposals directed at regulating RFID. Several of its provisions are unconstitutional and likely to be invalidated by the courts. The most obvious constitutional deficiency is an ill-defined attempt to criminalize the secretive use of remote reading of RFID tags. A section of proposed Senate Bill 682 provides that: 'A person or entity that knowingly or willfully remotely reads or attempts to remotely read a person's identification document using radio waves without the knowledge of that person shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail for up to one year, a fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000), or both that fine and imprisonment.' "

Investor forum seeks to attract entrepreneurs

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Investor forum seeks to attract entrepreneurs... "Coronado Ventures Forum (CVF) has become the preeminent place for northern New Mexico's elite investors to talk shop, compare portfolios and share observations on equity and venture capital trends. Therein lies the problem. CVF board members say they have noticed a decline in attendance at the bi-monthly meetings. Those who do come tend to be investors, and there's little participation by the entrepreneurs that investors want to meet. "

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Hampshire to Study Renewable Energy

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New Hampshire to Study Renewable Energy... "Governor John Lynch signed into law a bill to create a committee to study incentives for renewable energy generation in the state. This comes on the heels of announcing an Executive Order for state agencies to decrease their energy usage over time by 10 percent, and announcing a new position for the state's first ever Energy Manager."

WISE Group seeks journalists for workshop on renewable energy

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WISE Group seeks journalists for workshop on renewable energy... "The World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE), based in Pune, India, is hoping to attract journalists who write about renewable sources of energy for their media outlets. In an announcement posted on the India Online Media Forum, the institute said it prefers those who report in their local languages. The organizers say they hope to include journalists from the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The exact dates were not available, but were likely to be in the last week of September. For more information, contact"

U.S. Command Appeals for New Urban-Ops Technologies

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U.S. Command Appeals for New Urban-Ops Technologies... "The U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFC) appealed for help to better equip its war fighters for the urban combat environment. Using lessons learned on Iraq's urban battlefields, USJFC has developed an extensive urban-warfare technology wish list, "Joint Urban Operations Science and Technology Areas of Interest." The list was presented to more than 300 industry and academic attendees at USJFC's focused forum held in Chesapeake, Va. A copy of the list was provided to Defense News."

Engine Cut-Off Sensor Background

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Engine Cut-Off Sensor Background... "Twenty four propellant sensors are used in the shuttle's external tank, 12 each in the oxygen and hydrogen sections. Eight are used in each tank to measure the amount of propellant present before launch. Four in each tank, known as engine cutoff - ECO - sensors, are part of a backup system intended to make sure the ship's engines don't shut down too early, resulting in an abort, or run too long, draining the tank dry with potentially catastrophic results. All four ECO sensors in each tank are required to be operational for a countdown to proceed."

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Four open jobs at WARF

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Four open jobs at WARF... "The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation has four top job openings, and WARF officials credit the success of their organization for each one. 'It's a time of exciting growth, and we're just looking for people to help us build on that growth in a responsible way,' said WARF spokesman Andy Cohn. Of the four openings, two are newly created jobs. The other two vacancies occurred in the past six months when key WARF licensing directors left for jobs in Madison start-up companies that were formed in recent years to market technology patented by WARF."

Tedco awards grants

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Tedco awards grants... "The Maryland Technology Development Corp., the technology transfer arm of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, has awarded $498,549 to 10 startups."

Friday, July 15, 2005

Forgent Sues 15 Companies for Infringement of Digital Video Recording Patent

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Forgent Sues 15 Companies for Infringement of Digital Video Recording Patent... "Forgent Networks (NASDAQ: FORG) has initiated litigation against fifteen companies for infringement of United States Patent No. 6,285,746 (the '746 Patent) in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. Forgent has retained Godwin Gruber LLP ('Godwin'), a large trial and appellate firm with offices in Dallas and Houston, and The Roth Law Firm, of Marshall Texas, to represent it in the litigation. As part of the representation agreements with both Godwin and Roth, Forgent will retain up to 60% of all licensing revenue and up to 60% of all litigation proceeds from the '746 Patent after expenses. The defendants include: Cable One, Inc. a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO), Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHTR), Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) (NASDAQ: CMCSK), Cox Communications, Inc. a subsidiary of family owned Cox Enterprises, Inc., EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), The DIRECTV Group, Inc. (NYSE: DTV), Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX), and their respective subsidiaries."

Chromos Strengthens IP Estate with Four New Patents

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Chromos Strengthens Intellectual Property Estate with Four New Patents... "Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. ('Chromos'; TSX: CHR) announced that it has further expanded the patent portfolio surrounding both its ACE System and REM Technology with the issuance of four key additional patents. Chromos was awarded patents from the United States, Canada and Australia relating to its chromosome-based gene delivery and expression technology known as the ACE System as well as an additional United States patent relating to its REM Technology."

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Microsoft fails to overturn codec patent ruling

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Microsoft fails to overturn codec patent ruling... "A US appeals court on Wednesday upheld a lower court decision that Microsoft was liable for infringing on an AT&T patent for converting speech into computer code in copies of Windows sold overseas. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals said that the world's largest software maker was liable for the unauthorised distribution of codec technology, used to compress speech signals into data, in copies of Windows overseas."

American Express Incentive Services Introduces Stored-Value Card, Offers Expanded Patent Licensing

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American Express Incentive Services Introduces New Stored-Value Card, Offers Expanded Patent Licensing... "American Express Incentive Services (AEIS), an incentive industry leader, has introduced a new stored-value card, the Primary(SM) Card, and has announced that it is expanding its licensing program for its patented filtering process (U.S. Patent No. 5,689,100). The process allows the creation of 'focused-use' cards, which strategically direct cardholder redemption to specific merchants. Both initiatives are intended to help meet the growing demand for these types of cards."

China 3G licensing delay seen stifling TD-SCDMA growth

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China 3G licensing delay seen stifling TD-SCDMA growth... "China is currently choosing between three 3G standards -- European-backed WCDMA, Qualcomm-developed CDMA2000, and TD-SCDMA, widely seen as the least mature technology. The government has been waiting for TD-SCDMA to mature before issuing 3G licenses."

Andrew Extends Licensing of Patented Remote Electrical Tilt Antenna Tech

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Andrew Extends Licensing And Availability Of Patented Remote Electrical Tilt Antenna Technology... "Andrew Corporation has licensed use of its patented remote electrical tilt (RET) antenna technology to EMS Technologies Inc., further extending availability of this innovative base station antenna functionality to customers worldwide. Under the non-exclusive agreement, Andrew also has granted a limited license to Atlanta-based EMS for the manufacturing and marketing of repeaters that use patented Andrew technology. The EMS agreement settles patent litigation previously filed by Andrew over its RET patents. Terms of the licensing and settlement are not being disclosed."

Data Breaches: Turn Back the Tide

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Data Breaches: Turn Back the Tide... "Information security managers are well aware of best practices. But the question remains: Why aren't companies better able to secure their intellectual property and the sensitive information they hold about their customers? Because attaining adequate levels of security is extremely challenging and requires a daily enterprise-wide commitment starting at the highest levels of management. While there is no IT security cure-all, information is ubiquitous, and since organizations will continue to increasingly inter-connect their customers, partners, and suppliers to their business-technology systems more must be done. "

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

EU steps up Intel antitrust probe

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EU steps up Intel antitrust probe... "European Union antitrust officials on Tuesday raided the offices of Intel and several computer manufacturers and distributors, in an escalation of their probe against the world's largest chipmaker. The raids underline the European Commission's determination to conclude a case launched five years ago, and is an important step in the worldwide campaign against Intel waged by Advanced Micro Devices, its smaller rival. Last month, AMD filed an antitrust complaint against Intel in a US court accusing the group of illegally maintaining a monopoly."

Australian RFID standards get approval

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Australian RFID standards get approval... "RFID adoption is likely to speed up with standards in Australia for the technology's tags and readers given the green light. EAN Australia, which this month changed its name to GS1Australia, confirmed today at its Impetus 2005 conference in Melbourne that it has been granted a national scientific licence for RFID implementation projects, outlining the necessary power and frequencies to be used. RFID projects in Australia can now by deployed against the standard power for RFID readers at 4 watts, using the frequency between 920 - 925 MHz. More importantly, the Generation 2 UHF standard (allowing for global interoperability and a converged standard) is close to being ratified by ISO (International Standards Organization) for global use. The Gen2 standard was initially released in December, 2004."

A Possible Bid for Westinghouse

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A Possible Bid for Westinghouse... "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is considering buying Westinghouse Electric, the builder of nuclear power plants, from British Nuclear Fuels, as Mitsubishi strives to expand its reactor business outside Japan. A purchase of Westinghouse, which analysts said would cost about 200 billion yen ($1.8 billion), would be one of the largest overseas acquisitions by a Japanese company in recent years. Mitsubishi Heavy is seeking partners to join any bid for Westinghouse, including other members of the Mitsubishi Group, like the trading giant Mitsubishi Corporation, according to Hideo Ikuno, a spokesman for Mitsubishi Heavy. The Mitsubishi Group is a loosely affiliated conglomerate with interests in nearly every sector of the economy."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

UTEK Corp Acquires Knowledge Express Data Systems

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UTEK Corporation Acquires Knowledge Express Data Systems... "UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK) (LSE-AIM:UTKA) has acquired the assets of Knowledge Express Data Systems. Knowledge Express Data Systems, founded in 1991, offers subscription access to a comprehensive information platform combining business development and technology resources with expert search and report generation. Knowledge Express is used by technology transfer, intellectual property, licensing and business development professionals in universities, corporations and government agencies. Knowledge Express provides user-friendly, comprehensive coverage of agreements, corporate profiles, clinical trials, licensing deals, drug pipelines, drug sales, licensable technologies, patents, royalty rates and more."

Federal Jury Rules Against ACell & for Cook Biotech and Purdue Research in Patent Infringement

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Federal Jury Rules Against ACell & for Cook Biotech and Purdue Research in Patent Infringement... "A jury in the Federal Court for the Northern District of Indiana has found Jessup, Md.-based ACell Inc.'s tissue-engineered biomaterial infringed a key tissue-engineering patent owned by Purdue Research Foundation and licensed to Cook Biotech. The patent resulted from breakthrough tissue engineering discoveries in Purdue's Department of Biomedical Engineering. The patent is one in a portfolio of patents that covers numerous newly created medical products that are manufactured by Cook Biotech at its facility in Purdue Research Park, located in West Lafayette, Ind. These products are being used worldwide to promote the restoration of damaged tissue in hard-to-heal skin wounds and as implants in many surgical procedures."

Leaders Participate in Novel Intellectual Asset Management Conference

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Leaders Participate in Intellectual Asset Management Conference... "Practice leaders in intellectual asset management gathered for two days in Boston to wrestle with challenges framed in actual case studies presented by executives from Kodak, GE, P&G, Dow, 3M, and Tyco to learn how leading corporations manage their most valuable assets. Simply protecting products and services is necessary but is no longer sufficient. Today, managers are focused on using intellectual property to drive internal growth and shareholder value. 'Intellectual property is not a legal or technical asset; it is a business asset and, as such, it must deliver measurable returns. The management of intellectual property as a business requires an understanding of the strategic potential of intellectual property and the implementation of repeatable processes to realize its value,' said Bruce Story, Intellectual Capital Director of The Dow Chemical Company. Mr. Story presented a compelling case study to show how new product innovations supported by separate intellectual property strategies for separate market segments substantially increased the yield on commercialization for Dow and for its customers."

Monday, July 11, 2005

Research centre folds, 70 jobs lost

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Research centre folds, 70 jobs lost... "Australia's ICT research and development capability has been dealt a body blow, with the Brisbane-based Distributed Systems Technology Centre (DSTC) forced into closure after 14 years. The centre's closure has also sent shockwaves through government IT circles, especially over the fate of DSTC's so far un-valued intellectual property assets. Under CRC guidelines, the IP will be auctioned off to DSTC's current shareholders in the first instance and commercial interests thereafter. These include Sun Microsystems, Boeing, Fujitsu, Mincom, Telstra, Advanced Data Integration and national security specialist systems developers The Distillery. Of particular concern is a range of research that focuses on security and intelligence, electronic health records and smartcard technologies. No independent or formal audit or valuation process to determine the market value of the centre's IP assets currently exists. Similarly, no estimate exists as to what a firesale of the centre's IP assets into private hands will cost the government - both in terms of IP the government will be required to repurchase or the costs involving stalled projects."

Apache faces Web services security spec roadblock

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Apache faces Web services security spec roadblock... "Apache officials hope to iron out licensing issues with Microsoft and IBM pertaining to the WS-Security specification so that Apache can add the technology to its open source Axis SOAP stack. Axis is envisioned as a Web services engine for deploying SOAs, according to Apache. WS-Security is needed to communicate with .Net systems, said Davanum Srinivas, vice president of services at the Apache Software foundation. Although WS-Security is available for implementation royalty-free, it still must be licensed from Microsoft and IBM. Apache has raised concerns about this, mostly pertaining to a non-transfer clause that appears incompatible with open source licenses that allow for uninhibited transfer of technologies, Apache officials said."

Taiwan joins in on standards

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"Taiwan's electronics industry has embarked on a concerted effort to help shape Chinese technology product standards, in a move that highlights the mainland's growing clout in global industrial development. Executives of more than 20 Taiwanese information technology manufacturers, including ASE, the world's largest chip packaging and testing house; Honhai, the biggest global electronics manufacturing services company; and Asustek, the world's largest motherboard maker began an unprecedented meeting with officials from two Chinese standardisation associations in Beijing yesterday."

Scientists uncover new clues about brain function in human behavior

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Scientists uncover new clues about brain function in human behavior... "Researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health, have discovered a genetically controlled brain mechanism responsible for social behavior in humans--one of the most important but least understood aspects of human nature. The findings are reported in Nature Neuroscience, published online on July 10, 2005. The study compared the brains of healthy volunteers to those with a genetic abnormality, Williams Syndrome, a rare disorder that causes unique changes in social behavior. This comparison enabled the researchers to both define a brain circuit for social function in the healthy human brain, and identify the specific way in which it was affected by genetic changes in Williams Syndrome. "

Researchers discover how tumor suppressor gene works

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Researchers discover how tumor suppressor gene works... "A team of University of Minnesota researchers has discovered how a gene that suppresses the development of melanoma and other human cancers works. The study points the way to treatments based on the function of the gene. The researchers, led by Zigang Dong, director of the university's Hormel Institute in Austin, Minn., have applied for a patent on one such treatment. The work will be published online July 10 in the journal Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. A critical event in the development of melanoma and other human cancers is the inactivation of a gene known as 'p16.' Normally, p16 keeps cells from growing rapidly, a condition that sometimes leads to tumor formation. Working with mouse epidermis and cultured human melanoma and nonmelanoma cancer cells, the team found that p16 inactivates key enzymes -- called JNK 1 and JNK 2 -- in the process. The enzymes are normally activated by exposure to ultraviolet light. By shutting down the enzymes, p16 keeps them from activating a huge complex of proteins, which, when active, attaches to chromosomes and turns on many genes that promote cell growth. "

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Electronic Sensor Technology Receives Contract from US Army

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Electronic Sensor Technology Receives Contract from US Army... "Electronic Sensor Technology Inc. has been awarded a government contract to validate the zNose® instrument for use in the U.S. Army inventory. Once verified, the zNose® vapor analyzer would be militarized for operating in combat environments. The contract was awarded by the Precision Munitions Instrumental Division, Picatinny Arsenal , NJ , a component of the U.S. Army. "

Book review: Database & Applications Security Integrating Information Security and Data Management

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Book review: Database and Applications Security Integrating Information Security and Data Management... "Database and Applications Security: Integrating Information Security and Data Management reviews recent developments in security, with a special emphasis on the protection of databases. The author pays particular attention to securing emerging applications such as e-commerce, sensor information processing, and knowledge management."

Sun-Powered Aircraft To Support Sustainable Development

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Sun-Powered Aircraft To Support Sustainable Development... "Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard is constructing a solar-powered plane to fly around the world. His aim is to support sustainable development by demonstrating what renewable energy and new technologies can achieve."

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Securities Industry News

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Securities Industry News... "In the wake of Thursday's rush-hour bombings in London, LCH.Clearnet personnel carried on with operations after being evacuated to a backup site; the London Stock Exchange instituted emergency exceptions to its rules for market makers to help handle volume spikes and spotty pricing data on its Sets and Seaq systems, but suffered no technical interruptions. Euronext.liffe continued to operate normally, and many other City firms hastened to announce that they had experienced no casualties or disruption of business."

FPL Energy & Carlyle/Riverstone Announce Completion of Sr Secured Notes Offering for Solar Assets

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FPL Energy and Carlyle/Riverstone Announce Completion of Senior Secured Notes Offering for Solar Assets... "FPL Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE:FPL), and affiliates of Carlyle/Riverstone Global Energy and Power Fund II, L.P. announced that Kramer Junction Solar Funding, LLC has completed the issuance of $125 million of senior secured notes with a final maturity of 2014. This financing is in connection with the acquisition earlier this year by FPL Energy, along with certain FPL Energy affiliates, and affiliates of Carlyle/Riverstone, of a majority interest in five 30-megawatt Solar Energy Generating System (SEGS III-VII) assets in the Mojave Desert. FPL Energy operates the SEGS plants. All of the power generated from the SEGS projects is sold to Southern California Edison under long-term contracts. With these new projects, FPL Energy is now the largest operator of solar power in the U.S. with 310 MW's."

Patent rights running out for troubled drug makers

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Patent rights running out for troubled drug makers... "Patents on many of the current best-selling pharmaceuticals will expire by 2010, and there are few products in the pipeline. Once a drug's patent expires, typically rival products are sold for 30-80 percent less. Drug makers are trying to accelerate new development. However, there are few promising products on the horizon, arousing concern that the domestic industry may face severe changes after patents expire. Hatsuo Aoki, president of the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, said the period of booming growth is coming to an end. 'Domestic manufacturers will be clearly divided into winners and losers,' Aoki said."

Friday, July 08, 2005

Tech's part in preventing attacks

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Tech's part in preventing attacks... "How do you pick out the terrorist in the crowd? That's the problem, underlined by the London explosions, that Pixlogic is trying to solve. The Los Altos, Calif.-based company has created software that uses visual pattern recognition and search technologies to match archived still or video images with pictures gathered from security cameras or other sources. The software can also pick out anomalies--someone walking with a large box, or a truck that keeps coming back to the same spot--in hours of video footage. These features could all speed up intelligence work."

Vietnam to hold export exhibition in Iran

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Vietnam to hold export exhibition in Iran... "The Vietnam Commercial Section and the Vietnamese Embassy in Iran will hold an exhibition of Vietnamese products and a seminar on enhancing trade between the two countries in the fall. Footwear, garments, jewelry, kids' toys, agricultural machinery and agricultural products such as rice, rubber, pepper and tea will be the core products of a coming exhibition in Iran. A seminar will also introduce products made in Vietnam to Iranian importers. Iran needs to import around one million tons of rice each year. Vietnam supplied 50,000 tons of that in 2003, which satisfied only 5% of total demand. The number went up to 58,200 tons in the first six months of 2004, showing promise. Similarly, tea exports to Iran, at 350 tons in 2003, accounted for as less as 0.7% of the market share, but have potential. With a population of 69 million, Iran is an attractive and accepting place for Vietnamese products. Apart from rice, Iran is importing Thai Tuan silk, wools, fabric, garments, sports footwear, canned juice, pepper, coffee, electronics, computers and computer parts from Vietnam. But the trade balance between Vietnam and Iran for the year 2004 was only US$40mil, which accounted for only 0.1% of Iran's total import-export volume."

Naval Sea Systems Command Awards ManTech $11.4M Modeling Contract

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ManTech Awarded $11.4 Million Modeling and Simulation/Tactical Training Application Contract from the Naval Sea Systems Command... "ManTech International Corporation (Nasdaq:MANT), a provider of innovative technologies and solutions focused on mission-critical national security programs for the Intelligence Community and the Departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Justice and other U.S. federal government customers, announced today that it has been awarded an $11.4 million contract from the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to provide modeling and simulation/tactical training applications in support of the NAVSEA Program Executive Office, Integrated Warfare Systems. The multi-year contract has a 15-month base-period, and two option periods for 17 and 12 months. Under the contract, ManTech will expand its interactive modeling and simulation program for the Navy that depicts the locating, identifying, tracking, and engagement of targets, to include a wide variety of platforms and targets."

Advocates Disagree Over Brazil's Threat To Break Antiretroviral Patents

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AIDS Advocates, Property-Rights Advocates Disagree Over Brazil's Threat To Break Antiretroviral Patents... "Although many AIDS advocates and humanitarian groups are praising the Brazilian government for its announcement last month that it will break... Abbott Laboratories' patent on the antiretroviral drug Kaletra on Thursday unless the company lowers the drug's price 42% to $1.17 per pill, property-rights advocates and the pharmaceutical industry are saying the move is 'government-sanctioned piracy' of intellectual property, the AP/Washington Times reports (Clendenning, AP/Washington Times, 7/4). Brazilian Health Minister Humberto Costa on June 24 informed Abbott of its ultimatum regarding Kaletra, saying that under the World Trade Organization's intellectual property agreement, governments can approve the domestic production of generic versions of patented drugs during emergency public health situations if they fail to reach an agreement with the patent holder. Costa has said it would take about one year for Brazil to establish facilities to produce and test a generic version of Kaletra for efficacy and safety, and Brazil also is negotiating price reductions for Merck's efavirenz and Gilead's tenofovir (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 6/28)."

Thursday, July 07, 2005

European Parliament says No to software patents

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European Parliament says No to software patents... "The European Parliament decided by a large majority (729 members, 680 votes, 645 yes, 14 No, 18 abstentions) to reject the directive 'on the patentability of computer implemented inventions', also known as the software patent directive. This rejection was the logical answer to the Commission's refusal to restart the legislative process in February and the Council's reluctance to take the will of the European Parliament and national parliaments into account."

Retailing, the High-Tech Way

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Retailing, the High- ech Way... "While sensors and video cameras are just starting to make their way into some banks and supermarkets, retailers have been collecting data on customers for years, capturing their purchase decisions from loyalty-card programs and credit cards. Now retailers are starting to use all that data like never before to help with everything from scouting new store locations, to analyzing customer whims, to adjusting the temperature in the store so that it really is a cool place to shop."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

UN IP agency provides books to develop child inventors

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UN intellectual property agency provides books to develop child inventors... "Combining facts with fun, games and graphics, the United Nations intellectual property agency is producing new books for children showing them how to proceed from ideas, to IP protection, to commercialization of their inventions as the young "creators of the future." The UN World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) free series for children aged 8 to 14 is called 'Learn from the Past, Create the Future' and the first book in the series, sub-titled "Inventions and Patents," was launched this week."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

High-tech showdown looms as EU lawmakers vote on patents

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High-tech showdown looms as EU lawmakers vote on patents... "Members of the European Parliament are weighing dueling doomsday scenarios from the technology industry as they prepare to vote on a proposal that would allow software to receive the same kind of patent protection that other inventions receive."

Monday, July 04, 2005

Up the value chain

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Up the value chain... "Although Chinese software outsourcers could be satisfied with their rapid expansion in Japan during the past two years, they must do more as they march into the more demanding European and US markets, where there is no absolute majority of Chinese software manufacturers. Most executives who attended a recent seminar on China's software outsourcing agree domestic companies should give top priority to moving up the value-chain, by offering more complicated, advanced software services. 'There's an increasing desire for software outsourcing in Western markets, as companies tend to focus on their core competencies,' says Bob Hayward, vice-president of Gartner Asia-Pacific and Japan."

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With U.S.

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POLITICS: Eyes Wide Shut, India Enters Military Alliance With U.S.... "Once proudly non-aligned, India has turned its back on strategic policy independence through a military cooperation agreement with the United States that analysts say has taken the five-year-old 'strategic partnership' to an unprecedented plane. The new 'Framework for the US-India Defence Relationship' unveiled last week involves more than arms deals and envisages the 'outsourcing' of several functions to India, including joint-military operations in third countries, patrolling of sea-lanes and disaster relief operations. "

Saturday, July 02, 2005

RFID: An Opportunity for Business Intelligence

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Building Business Intelligence: RFID: An Opportunity for Business Intelligence... "Innovative and aggressive tag-oriented system architects will advocate squeezing ever-greater capabilities onto each RFID tag. This will be the course for most active tag suppliers and potentially some passive tag suppliers. The tag-oriented architecture proponents, especially the active tag suppliers, will pursue applications including relatively long range access control, high value asset management and various other applications requiring true real-time locating systems capabilities. Initially, probably more so than the network-oriented proponents these suppliers will also be the likely providers of sensor equipped tags. Network-oriented system architects will shift as much functionality as possible to the infrastructure of Web-based networks and servers and will have a strong (huge) initial focus on passive tags. Over time, as costs fall, the network-oriented advocates will add sensors."

New Ardmore Tech Transfer Center

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New Technology Company to Locate at the New Ardmore Technology Transfer Center... "The Ardmore Development Authority announced the opening of new the Ardmore Technology Transfer Center on the campus of the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center. IMTEC Imaging L.L.C. will be the first company to locate in the facility. The high technology company is a new venture of IMTEC Corporation and HYTEC Engineering Inc. of Los Alamos, N.M. The company will manufacture the IMCAT Ultra Cone Beam CT Scanner. "

Friday, July 01, 2005

Inter Alia cites TECHtransfer101 blawg of day

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"Thursday, June 30, 2005 Blawg of the Day... TECHtransfer101 provides discussion on 'everything technology transfer -- from asset discovery to IP protection to commercialization and beyond.' It's written by Pam Roth. Posted by: Tom Mighell at 6:32 am "