Monday, April 11, 2005

Insourcing Patent Work

As seen on rethink(IP) - Insourcing Patent Work:
"Insourcing? Insourcing is sending your work inland rather than overseas. Sadly, other industries have been quicker to grasp this concept than the legal market. For instance, Conference Calls Unlimited (CCU) (in Iowa) is an amazing company who through doing business inland has become a true gem for telephone conferencing services- not by spending millions on advertising, but through providing competitive rates and great customer service (something their big city rivals can't). So why not consider insourcing your work to smaller firms in smaller cities? Having lower overhead and cost of living costs, you'd be surprised how you can - obtain these professional services at a discount of 50 percent or more - right in your own back yard. The real irony is this: the attorneys at smaller firms in smaller metropolitan areas are typically under smaller billable hour requirements (if under a requirement at all). "